Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya & Chandril Talks About Language Not Being A Barrier To Career

Calcutta Debating Circle organized an open house program in Victoria Memorial Hall (Eastern Quadrangle) keeping in mind the requisites of the teachers and students in the present cohort. In “Student Confluence 2017” the focus of discussion roamed around language being the barrier of communication today. A number of schools from poles apart participated in the program and they all came up with their own views regarding this. The best part of “Student Confluence 2017” is there was hardly any language blockade when students worldwide intermingled with each other at ease.

English is unquestionably imperative today for official purpose but that cannot actually delimit your social standard or your level of education. It is always possible for any person who holds the highest possible degrees to be very poor in spoken English. Underestimating that person is undeniably a curse to the society. This is what is actually happening in this generation. People tend to evaluate you according to your knowledge and grip over English language. The famous artist Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya exclusively put up his own views in Bengali, his mother tongue and said that it is the emotion of the interacting people that matters not the language all the time. All you need is to have clear conception of what you are trying to speak out.

Chandril Bhattacharya, the celebrated columnist admitted the fact that today people are more inclined to the English language because that has actually become the benchmark of the education you have achieved in life. He also added, If you propose somebody in Bengali and say “আমি তোমাকে ভালবাসি”, there is high chance that your proposal will be denied. Contrary to this, if you come up with “I love you” then you do have a chance of acceptance.

Since ages English language holds a position where one cannot altogether negate its prominence in the professional field, but it is to be ensured that one should not be adjudicated by only his speaking power or vocabulary. Learning itself has no ending and it is the onus of the teachers to monitor the next gen. They should have guidance on the proper communication skill and they should be taught to make life and language simpler so that communication never becomes the barrier to the carrier.

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