Shobdo Kolpo Droom - A film of inheritance, a story of epiphany

Looking back at the dregs of nostalgia, one can experience childhood submerged within the thrills of children’s detective stories. Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’ and Sashtipada Chattopadhyay’s ‘PandobGoyenda’ hold a certain chthonic pleasure to a progressive Bengali’s psyche; of rain-drenched afternoons and the captivating essence of rejuvenation.

Pankaj Das Films Productions has restructured the sands of time, bringing forth a movie laced with a brilliant script which bears all the parameters of a detective thriller- ‘Shobdo Kolpo Droom’.

Reminiscent of Sukumar Roy’s poem ‘Shobdo Kolpo Droom’, the eponymous movie is a perfect blend of philosophy and mystery. Written and directed by Sudeep, it’s a tale of five children who are abandoned in their hostel during the summer vacation owing to several reasons. Monotony morphed into an intricate mystery, when they encountered some shady-looking strangers in their hostel premises. By the virtue of their investigation, it soon transpired that these unfamiliar people are actually a group of terrorists. Skippered by a callous Dr. Amlan (DhritimanChatterji) who bears a façade of utmost erudition, the group consists of one brutal Arham (Anindo Banerjee), femme fatale Naina (Sudipta Chakraborty) and Imtiaz (Samadarshi Dutta), whose character is fraught with vulnerabilities highlighted by his youth.

The metaphor and irony that belie the title and storyline of ‘ShobdoKolpoDroom’ is rather incredible. The young sleuths are differently-abled; neither can they speak nor can they hear. Multiplying the intrigue manifold, these speech-hearing impaired children stand up against the treachery of the terrorist gang and burn the flame of hope and humanity brighter.

A story of courage and determination to reckon with in this fragmented world, with Rupam Islam’s grunge echoing through the portals of drama, ‘Shobdo Kolpo Droom’ is a veritable narrative of curiosity and enigma. Incidentally, Mr Soumitra Chattopadhyay has recited Sukumar Roy’s ‘Shobdo Kolpo Droom’ for it, establishing impeccable strings of connection between memories and the movie. ‘Shobdo Kolpo Droom’ is to hit the theatres on 6th July 2018.

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