Shibmandir glorifies the essence of Bengal!

When we talk about Bengalis, it reminds us of their yearlong festivities. Out of all the festivals, that one traditional and ethnically rich festival is Durga Puja. It marks the emotions of the Bengalis all over the world.

Kolkata witnesses a humungous crowd in terms of community puja every year but there is one name which is supposedly the trend setter in the concerned field, SHIBMANDIR SARBOJANIN.  It is a certified organisation which defines the authenticity of the festival. It was started in 1936 and has become a popular name ever since.

With the introduction of “Theme Puja”, SHIBMANDIR has been successful in changing the game of community puja since 1999. They are considered to be the torch bearer of rich heritage & culture for our community and also a constant mass attraction.

SHIBMANDIR is also known for their humanitarian activities. In 2003, they laid the foundation of the SHIBMANDIR SEBA PRATISTHAN which was meant for underprivileged families. It handles a free evening school with adequate meals for nearly 110 boys and girls and also provides with an affordable 24x7 ambulance service.

Every year, with the onset of ‘KHUNTI PUJA’, the SHIBMANDIR SARBOJANIN enters a gallery of new themes and ideas and it becomes an exciting element for the mass to witness. As it is one of the first pujas in the area of Mudiali and its origin dates back to the early 1800s, it holds a special place in the community puja circle and is definitely considered as one of the biggest community pujas in Kolkata.

Be there to witness the ‘KHUNTI PUJA’ of SHIV MANDIR SARBOJANIN DURGA UTSAV SAMITY with JIYO BANGLA on 14th of July, 2018 from 9:00 am at 25, Lake Temple Road, Kalighat.

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