Shahrukh Khan's Jawan Houseful First Day First Show In Kolkata

As the clock's hands pointed to a little past 4 AM, the city of Kolkata, drenched in rain, remained shrouded in darkness. But in front of a multiplex in New Town, an extraordinary sight unfolded. People stood in long queues at the cinema hall's entrance, chanting in unison, "Shah Rukh! Shah Rukh!". It was a momentous occasion, one never seen before in the city.


What is the reason for this spectacle? The nationwide release of Shah Rukh Khan's new movie 'Jawan'. Kolkata had once again proven its unflinching love for the superstar. This fervour was reminiscent of the buzz generated by the release of 'Pathaan,' signalling the triumphant that 'KING IS BACK!'

The excitement was palpable on the faces of every viewer. They eagerly awaited the moment when the movie would begin, unable to contain their anticipation. Some had foregone sleep, convinced that the magic would unfold right there on the screen. For Shah Rukh Khan, they were willing to make this sacrifice. Such devotion was the norm, for the world they were about to enter for the next 2 hours and 45 minutes would be one filled with Shah Rukh and boundless excitement.

In a departure from the past, 'Jawan' had its first show at 5 AM, an hour earlier than 'Pathan's' debut at 6:45 AM in Kolkata. The moment advance booking for 'Jawan' began, tickets for the initial days were snapped up rapidly. Even 'Pathan' faced stiff competition from 'Jawan,' as Miraj Cinemas in New Town organised the early morning show.

Amit Sharma, the Managing Director of Miraj Cinemas, explained, "On 'Jawan's' opening day, we witnessed record-breaking ticket sales in our Kolkata cinema hall. We couldn't afford to miss this opportunity."

The early hour did not deter the devoted fans. One fan from Metiabruz stated, "It's not a problem at all. We would have welcomed a midnight show, and I was prepared to stay here all night if necessary. I want to see Shah Rukh on the screen before everyone else."

Another fan from Dum Dum revealed plans to watch 'Jawan' twice on the first day alone, with intentions for more viewings in the pipeline.

It wasn't just the common people who eagerly gathered at the cinema hall at dawn. Bengali actress Trina Saha, accompanied by her husband, Neel, was among the attendees. Trina, brimming with excitement, exclaimed, "We had to be here. Both of us are ardent Shah Rukh fans, and we couldn't miss this opportunity to be part of such an enthusiastic crowd."

Even before the movie began, the audience exhibited enthusiasm akin to the opening night of a theatrical play. As Shah Rukh Khan made his first appearance on screen, everyone started screaming, and it seemed like the cinema hall's walls might burst from the thunderous cheers. From Nayanthara to Vijay Sethupathi and Deepika Padukone, everyone’s entries received equally rapturous receptions. Shah Rukh's dance performance on the song 'Zinda Banda' prompted the audience to leave their seats and dance in the aisles.

The audience's collective excitement was a testament to the irreplaceable magic of the big screen. Kolkata had pulled out all the stops to celebrate this historic moment in Bollywood cinema. All eyes are now on what the 'Jawan Fever' will bring in the remainder of the week.

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