Semester System To Replace Annual Exams For HS Students In West Bengal From Next Academic Year!

The West Bengal Higher Secondary Education Council has announced the introduction of a semester system for high school students starting from the academic year 2024–25. This decision marks a departure from the traditional annual examination format.

The approval for implementing this new examination method, along with its revised syllabus, was granted by the State Department of School Education. Consequently, the final annual exams for higher secondary students will be held in the academic year 2024–25.

The idea of transitioning to a semester system had been previously hinted at by the State Education Minister, Bratya Basu, awaiting approval from the Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee. With the awaited endorsement secured, the plan is set in motion.

According to the directives of the Higher Education Council, students currently enrolled in the eleventh grade will undergo examinations following the semester system in the upcoming academic session. Similarly, students transitioning to the twelfth grade next year will also adhere to this new examination pattern.


Furthermore, it has been disclosed that students progressing from the eleventh to the twelfth grade will take their final high school exams in 2025 under the semester system.

It is noteworthy that students who are currently in the eleventh grade and will advance to the twelfth grade will take their final high school exams in 2025 under the previous examination method.

The Higher Education Council has also indicated that detailed information regarding the new syllabus and examination procedures will soon be available on their official website. While the exact timeline for this release remains undisclosed, it is expected to coincide with the announcement of high school examination results, ensuring the timely dissemination of information.

This shift to a semester system represents a significant stride towards modernising the education system in West Bengal, aimed at aligning with contemporary educational practices and fostering holistic student development.

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