Selfless dedication of Manik Dule

Hope is what keeps us alive, same goes for Manik Dule who hopes that one-day people will come here. And he does it completely on his own, he receives no money for that. The Birsa munda Halt station in Bankura district of West Bengal was opened in 2010. Only a pair of train passes through this station and stops here. But, no passenger gets down here nor are there any staff working at this halt. There are commercial staffs who work under contract at some stations, but Birsa munda does not even have any commercial staff either. A contractor was given the responsibility of selling the tickets since there were no passengers the contractor stopped coming to the station.


Birsa munda Halt at the time of inauguration was equipped with a bathroom, toilet, drinking water facility, and new chairs and now all are in a dilapidated state. Manik Dule cleans the station every day from the day it was opened. Every morning Manik comes here with his herd of goats and while his goats graze Manik sweeps the station, whenever he sees a new person, Manik rushes to ask when the counter will open, but to his disappointment, the station is still inactive. Manik says that a beautiful station like this should not stay dirty. There might not be any passenger here but people might come here and stand for a while, that’s why he keeps the station clean. He strongly believes the station will start someday.

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