Scottish Church Collegiate School Opens Doors For Girls In Classes Eleven And Twelve

Nearly a year ago, the 194-year-old Scottish Church Collegiate School opened its doors for primary girls. On Friday, on the birth anniversary of the school's founder, Alexander Duff, the school authorities announced that this time, girls in classes eleven and twelve would be welcomed.

However, breaking the tradition of over two centuries, although co-education has begun in classes eleven and twelve, boys will continue their education from fifth to tenth grade.

The principal of the school, Bibhas Sanyal, stated that plans are underway to establish a curriculum conducive to educating boys and girls together from fifth to tenth grade, paving the way for a structured co-education system in the future.

Some government schools have already initiated co-education. But what prompted the departure from this tradition? The principals of those schools explained that the decision was influenced by a decrease in the number of female students.

However, the principal of Scottish Church Collegiate School, Bibhas Sanyal, holds a different view. He believes that in such prestigious institutions, the opportunity for girls' education should not be limited, and many parents have requested the inclusion of girls' education. Therefore, the decision to allow girls in classes eleven and twelve was made.

The results of the secondary examinations are yet to be announced. However, around 65–70 female students have already filled out admission forms for class eleven, indicating a keen interest in the opportunity provided by Scottish Church Collegiate School.

The school authorities further revealed that arrangements have been made for girls, including separate common rooms, classrooms, and toilets. Additionally, plans are in place to create temperature-controlled classrooms for both boys and girls to study comfortably together.

In a society where educational institutions are evolving, the Scottish Church Collegiate School's decision to embrace co-education upholds the principles of equality and inclusivity in education.

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