Scientists Discover Vast Amounts Of Water On The Moon's Surface!

Scientists have found water on the moon's surface!It's been revealed that both poles of the moon contain a significant amount of water in the form of ice. However, this isn't the first time water has been found on the moon; scientists have now found even more water than previously thought.

Research teams led by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) and the Space Applications Centre have collaborated to uncover this phenomenon. Researchers from IIT Dhanbad and IIT Kanpur were also involved in this study. Through a series of studies, they found that there is approximately twice as much water stored in the northern pole compared to the southern pole, although it's preserved in the form of ice.

Using seven different instruments including radar, lasers, optical spectrometers, neutron spectrometers, ultraviolet spectrometers, and thermal radiometers, scientists were able to conduct this research.

Scientists have credited India's Chandrayaan-2 mission for aiding in the discovery of water on the moon's surface. They further explained that the abundance of water on the moon has left them incredibly excited about the possibilities it presents for future lunar exploration.

This discovery opens up new avenues for understanding the moon's history and potential for supporting future human exploration. As scientists delve deeper into this research, the mysteries of the moon continue to unravel, promising a future of exciting discoveries and possibilities.

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