Scientist, Model, a Path Breaker of LGBTQ from Kolkata

"Ami Bangla Medium", "Tai phor phor kore English bolte parina. So can anyone translate my Bengali to English" was his reply at the podium in the final round. Meet kolkata boy Samarpan Maiti winner of "Mr Gay World India 2018". 29 years old, who hailed from his home village Siddha in East Midnapor. Maiti is working as a senior research fellow in the field of Cancer drug discovery. Modelling never happened out if bkue for this scientist. 
Good looks, rocket high career and a Model who represents LGBTQ community, has faced many rocky path to reach where he is now. There was no role model for him to look up to. 

He says, the win makes him feel more robust than ever and as if he is on the top of the world. He continued to state his gratitude and thanks to Sushant Digvikar, the Producer and Director of MGWI along with Sanket Sveronic and Darshil, who on continuous basis worked to groom him for his better form and shape. From being a regular kid to outgrow his sexual identity to a proud winner of Mr. Gay World India 2018, he stood unsurpassed. 

The competition- Mr Gay World is a part of celebration of the LGBT community in world wide. The main motive behind is that people from different walks of lives can face real challenges and achieve the hurdles and can highlight it into the global platform.

From a middle class family boy, he was shackled under the society's burden. But, he denied the fact and faced the society fear. Maiti would go out to his other friends and colleagues, and would receive mixed reactions which was not legit. What shocked him more was that even the scientific community was judgmental towards him, where most of them stated interaction to the LGBTQ community has turned him to a queer. 

He most of times receives compliment from Ladies. But, presence of a man comforts him more. He is more confident and Paanash than ever and is looking forward to represent India at world stage in Mr. Gay world in South Africa this summer.

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