Satyajit Ray once said “বাঙালিদের রক্তে ফিল্ম নেই”:Rhitobrata Bhattacharya

Rhitobrata Bhattcharya, the journo turned director believes in doing and supporting offbeat stories in today’s social backdrop. He cherishes the concepts of “Summer of 42” but also reiterates that “Bengali film industry is also not laid back. Years ago it was not possible for any teenager to unlock smart phone and watch pornography but today it is immensely conceivable. Things have changed but the crisis stayed unaltered.”

Talking about web series, Rhitobrata Bhattcharya emphasizes on the fact that “it takes huge toll to carry out pornography properly because first thing that is needed is the sound technical knowledge and secondly perfect physical compatibility and ability of the actors. To most of the people making web series similar to these are like ‘দুধের সাধ ঘোলে মেটানো’ (mixture of water and milk). It is very demeaning if the reality is actually like this but each and every format has its own identity. The sex oriented movies in Tollywood has a history too. These are all just the remake of the foreign movies; be it any language. Web series are proving the fact stated by Ray that film is not flowing in the veins of bengalees. I am personally not interested in doing web series as a director.”

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