Sandipta-Soumya Tied The knot In The True Bengali Traditional Way On Thursday

In the heart of the Tollywood industry, the wedding bells echoed once again as actress Sandipta Sen embarked on her blissful journey of matrimony. Over the past week, Tolly Industry witnessed a cascade of celebrations, with Sandipta immersed in the rituals of the ring ceremony, mehendi, and more.

The groom, Soumya Mukherjee, a 'Hoichoi' web platform executive, and Sandipta, bound by love, exchanged vows on Thursday, December 7th. The union marked a new chapter in their love story, with the duo choosing not to perform the traditional 'kanyadan,' a unique touch that set their wedding apart.


Draped in elegance, Sandipta opted for a fusion of tradition and contemporary style. The attire, meticulously designed by Abhishek Roy, featured a fuchsia Banarasi, complemented by golden jewelry and rose-pink sneakers. Soumya, on the other hand, donned a light pink sherwani and a white dhoti, completing the look with a rose-sherwani stole. The couple, adorned with rose garlands, radiated the rosy hues of their love.

The wedding venue echoed with Tollywood's glitterati, including Prosenjit Chatterjee, Srijit Mukherjee, Raj Chakraborty, Sohini Sarkar, Abir Chatterjee, Anirban Chakraborty, Vikram Chatterjee, and Sourav Das, who came together to extend their heartfelt wishes to the newlyweds.

In a departure from the norm, the couple opted for a Bengali culinary feast, featuring classics like Koraisutir kochuri, cholar dal, alur dom, shada bhaat, chicken rezala, Chingri malaikari, and Sandipta's favorite, mutton kosha. The grand finale of the feast included new delicacies such as gurer makha sandesh, baked roshogolla, and kheerer jilipi.

As the echoes of conch shells faded away, Sandipta and Soumya stepped into the realm of marriage, painting their love story with the vibrant colors of a Bengal wedding. May their journey ahead be as enchanting as the celebration that marked the beginning of their forever together.

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