Rituparna's Hilarious On-Set Antics Revealed By Prosenjit On A Television Show!

In the world of Tollywood, the dynamic duo of Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta has always been a crowd-pleaser. Their on-screen chemistry resonated with viewers, and the duo continues to weave their magic together, now on their 50th venture.

Their on-screen chemistry has captivated audiences for years, and now they are back to steal the limelight with their latest venture, a popular television show.

Behind the scenes, Rituparna, known for her versatile acting, seems to bring a dose of humour to the set, engaging in various playful antics during shooting breaks. Rumour has it that she even scheduled shoots with multiple directors on the same day, adding an extra layer of excitement. Prosenjit, with a chuckle, confessed to managing the chaos.

In a recent TV show, Prosenjit shared an incident from a popular television show where Rituparna accidentally got caught in all her on-screen glory. Prosenjit quipped about Rituparna's shooting schedules, indicating the challenges faced by directors.


Prosenjit hilariously narrated an incident involving director Sujit Guha. One day, he came, dressed in a yellow shirt and with a bag in hand. Known for directing ‘Amar Sangi', he had a message about the shooting schedule that left Prasenjit in stitches. He said, "Listen, we have three days of shooting left. On June 9–14, Ritu gave this date. Now you manage, and then the movie will be done. Come sometime in the afternoon.”

Then Prosenjit said that later that afternoon, Anup Sengupta came. He was wearing a white shirt, white pants, and white shoes. He came and said, “Listen, Bumba. In two days, the shooting of that song will be over. Then I can move on to the sensor. Ritu specified the dates of June 9–14. You adjust and give the date. Then I can finish the job.”

Adding another layer to the tale, Prosenjit disclosed a comical encounter with renowned director Narayan Dutta. Dressed in white, Dutta arrived and said, “Memsaheb has given me a date. Then I will do the remaining three to four days of work. If you can adjust.." Listening to this prosenjit said, “Tell me the date. Is it June 9–14?"

Amusingly, Prosenjit said that he did not end there. Ended after telling the story of Swapan Da. At that time, 11 films were done with Swapan Da. He also came on that day and said, "Listen, the heroine has given me a date." Prosenjit said, “Tell me what date, June 9–14?" Listening to this, the director was surprised; he said, “How did you know?” Prosenjit said, “One date was given to five directors. How can I adjust?"

In the midst of the laughter, Rituparna couldn't help but join in, making the TV show a delightful experience for both the actors and the audience. As Prosenjit shares these humorous tales, their infectious laughter resonates with fans, creating a unique bond between the stars and their viewers.

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