Rice or Roti: Not a tough choice anymore

Indian meals are incomplete without rice or roti or both. These staple foods of Indian cuisine are either a part of breakfast, lunch or dinner or all three. Well, of late, the growing fitness fad has raised questions on the nutritional values of rice and roti.

You will be surprized to know both these food items have similar carbohydrate levels and calorific value but has different nutritional value because roti contains more proteins and fibre than rice.

1/3 cup of rice contains: 80 Kcal of calories

1g of protein and 0.1g fat

And, a small roti contains: 71Kcal of calories

3g of roti 0.4g of fat

Have you ever been stopped from having rice as you have high blood sugar level?

Don’t go by that hoax! Both rice and roti have a similar glycemic index, i.e., they both raise blood sugar level to the same extent.

Choose any one you prefer but if you are monitoring your sodium level then roti must be avoided. If you want more fibre, protein, micronutrients and sodium in your diet then go for the discs.

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