Renowned Theatre Worker And Actress Averee Chourey Passed Away After 12 Days Of Struggle

Renowned theatre worker and actress Averee Chourey, known for her vibrant performances, succumbed to her illness after a 12-day battle. Her demise was confirmed by fellow actress Bidipta Chakraborty through a heartfelt post on social media.

Chourey had been battling deteriorating health for several days, persistently fighting against the odds. However, her condition worsened over the past 12 days, ultimately leading to her untimely demise. She had been actively involved in various theatrical endeavours and was a familiar face on television screens as well.

Bidipta Chakraborty took to social media to share the news of Choure's passing, expressing deep sorrow and fond memories of their time together. In a poignant caption accompanying a shared picture, she wrote, "Rest in peace, dear friend. Memories flood in, yet accepting this reality seems impossible. You'll be dearly missed."


Chakraborty's post was accompanied by a similar tribute from artist Chaitali Dasgupta, who also shared cherished memories with Chourey. Through her post, Dasgupta conveyed the sentiment of their final moments together, reminiscing about the memories they created.

The news of Chourey's passing has left her admirers and the theatre community in mourning, as tributes pour in on social media platforms, commemorating her legacy and contributions to the arts.

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