Renowned ISRO scientist N. Valarmathi passed away, leaving a void in India's space endeavors

In a heart-wrenching loss for India's space community, N. Valarmathi, a prominent scientist at the Indian Space and Research Organisation (ISRO), breathed her last on Saturday. Valarmathi, whose iconic voice resonated through the countdown during rocket launches, succumbed to a sudden heart attack, marking the end of an illustrious career.

Valarmathi, a native of Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu, born on July 31, 1959, graduated in engineering from Coimbatore and received her school education at Nirmala Girls Higher Secondary School. She joined ISRO in 1984 and, from then on, played a pivotal role in several significant space research missions. Notably, she served as the project director during the development of India's first radar imaging satellite (RIS), RISAT-1.

Her contributions were not only recognised but celebrated, as she was awarded the prestigious Abdul Kalam honour in 2015. Valarmathi's presence and voice became synonymous with ISRO's launches, creating an emotional connection with millions of Indians.

PV Venkatakrishnan, former director of ISRO, conveyed the tragic news on the X platform. He expressed his sorrow, saying, "The voice of Valarmathi Madam will not be there for the countdowns of future missions of ISRO from Sriharikotta. Chandrayan 3 was her final countdown announcement. An unexpected demise. Feel so sad. Pranams!"

Social media platforms have been flooded with condolences from people touched by Valarmathi's inspiring journey. One individual wrote, "I am deeply saddened to hear about the death of Valarmathi madam. He was a true inspiration to many, and I will miss her voice at every launch. Om Shanti.''

Another expressed surprise, stating, "I noticed her absence at the #AdityaL1 launch. I thought he might be out of office. But I did not expect this sad news. I'll really miss him. Om Shanti.''

Reflecting on a personal connection, one person shared, 'So sad to hear this. We worked closely with him for our Vikram-S launch last year when he did the launch countdown."

A fourth person paid tribute, saying, "Her voice started a remarkable historic journey for the country. He will always be remembered for the iconic moments of Indian space achievements. May her soul rest in peace, and may God give strength to her family."

N. Valarmathi's legacy will forever be etched in India's space exploration history, and her absence leaves a void that will be deeply felt during every future ISRO mission. Her remarkable contributions and unwavering dedication will continue to inspire generations of scientists and space enthusiasts.

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