Renowned Filmmaker Prabhat Roy Was Hospitalized Due To Serious Health Condition, How Is He Now?

Award-winning filmmaker Prabhat Roy, acclaimed for his contributions to Bengali cinema, has been admitted to M.R. Bangur Hospital for the past six days due to deteriorating health conditions.

Reports suggest that Roy initially experienced fever and respiratory distress, prompting his admission to a government hospital. However, complications arising from kidney issues led to a sudden increase in creatinine levels. Additionally, there are concerns about fluid accumulation in his lungs, necessitating his transfer to a private hospital on Wednesday evening as per medical advice.


Roy's daughter and creative director, Ekta Bhattacharya, shared updates about her father's health on social media, expressing gratitude for the medical team's efforts. Specialists overseeing Roy's treatment include Dr. Suresh Choraria (cardiologist), Dr. Jayanta Basu (nephrologist), Dr. Susmita Debnath (critical care specialist), and Dr. Prasun Mitra (general medicine).

The filmmaker's health struggles have been ongoing, with recent kidney complications adding to his challenges. Bhattacharya revealed that Roy had been reluctant to undergo dialysis, only agreeing upon her insistence. Currently, he remains hospitalised, with Bhattacharya by his side, committed to his recovery.

Roy's health battles come in the wake of his wife Jayashree Roy's passing last year, which deeply impacted him emotionally and physically. Despite facing adversity, Roy's passion for life seems to be rekindled, evident in his forthcoming autobiography, "Clapstick," and his involvement in scripting his daughter's debut film.

As the release date of "Clapstick" remains unchanged, slated for February 26, there's optimism that Roy will soon regain his health and grace the occasion with his presence, reflecting his resilience and undying spirit in the face of adversity.

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