Rejoice Again You Bibliophiles!

Readers find stories in every object, for them, they don’t read the books rather the books speak to them and narrate the stories. What if books could literally speak? Is it unbelievable? Maybe a few years back the concept would have seemed really absurd but it’s a reality now. In 2000 a group of four Danish social workers in Copenhagen explored the idea of ‘Human Library’, a movement, an organization that provides a platform where dialogues about various prejudices of our society could be initiated. The readers get to borrow humans to tell stories out of their own experiences. There are readers and human books who interact with one another. 


After Indian cities like Bhubaneshwar, Indore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Gurugram and others, Kolkata hosted its first session of Human Library. Indore was the first city to get Human Library followed by Hyderabad. Deblina Saha, the founder of the city’s first chapter held the session in January this year. After the successful first session Chapter, Two of the Human Library will be held soon in the city. 

We have always been taught that sharing helps us ease our anxieties and pain. Human Library lends you a human book with whom one can share your ideas, experiences, relieve anxieties. The readers were allowed to lend two books at a time and spend 25 minutes with each book. The reader gets to question the human book for better understanding and gaining new perspectives. The first leg of the program had a collection of trailblazers, survivors and role models. The date has not yet been fixed but the registration process has already begun.

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