Reality Shows in India: Highs and Lows

A reality show is the platform where one gets the platform to expose their talents. Television channels and reality shows go hand in hand. Nowadays, it has gained the position of being most popular genre of television mediums. The few most accepted and remaining in vogue In India are shows BIG BOSS, hosted by Salman Khan, DADAGIRI, hosted by Sourav Ganguly( former captain of the Indian cricket team), India’s Got Talent, Dance India Dance and many more to name. All these have given opportunities to people belonging from different society a global platform to showcase their unique talents.

Not getting very deep into the reality of the reality shows for it might spoil the broth! The television media studies the demand and needs of their viewers and launch a show. A reality show gives some the sweet taste of success and some the sour taste. For a girl belonging from the interior parts of Bengal or any other metro city especially craves for such an opportunity, don’t they? “I have been the winner of a reality show, now do not have to look back” comes from the sweeter taster. Do we really give a thought for the ones who tasted the sour taste? “Failure is the first step for future success”.

The Highs give the fame, recognition, popularity and hype. The Lows provide the backbone of will power to do good, better and finally become the best with persistent hard work. As Shah Rukh Khan says,” Haar kar jitney walo ko baazigar kehte hain” 

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