Ready to see the ‘Sobche boro Durga’ in the month of January?

Pavel’s next ‘Asur’ has made everyone taking about it since the film was announced. The film is a small tribute to eminent sculptor Ramkinkar Baij. Previously there was a speculation about the film’s premier to get postpone.

After a lot of speculation on January 3rd, the film released in presence of the director as well as the star cast. Pavel’s commercial movie ‘Asur’ revolves around Jeet who plays an artist Kigan Mandi, a little mad creative person who don’t think about results. An interesting reference to the 2015 Durga Puja where there was a horrible stampede at the Deshapriya Park. The movie deals with Jeet’s character Kigan who creates the tallest Durga which leads to an unpredictable crowd. 

On the other hand, Abir Chatterjee played the Bodhi, a corporate guy. Speaking with the media, Abir said, “This film will actually remind people of their college days.”Nusrat Jahan play an art student, and she believe that Asur will create an impact on the audience. 

Now, the question remains what to expect from the film and why the audience should watch Asur?

  1. It’s the first Bengali film of 2020 that too with a steller cast including Jeet, Abir Chatterjee and Nusrat Jahan!
  2. The college friendship between Kigan and Bodhi  ( Jeet and Abir Chatterjee respectively). 
  3. A tribute to the vanguard of modern Indian sculpture Ramkinkar Baij. 
  4. We know him as ‘Sona Da’, ‘Byomkesh’ and the ‘Good Boy of Tollywood’ but he look ravishing when he delve deep in negative characters. Right after Mainak Bhowmick’s ‘Bornoporichoy’, Abir is back with another grey shade character Bodhi. 
  5. A film which talks about art, culture, tradition and Durga Puja.


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