‘Read’ the Humans not just books

There are books, e-books then there are audiobooks. Technology is racing against time and someday it will win, but what we are gradually forgetting about are the basics. Talking to the each-other, a conversation that aims to challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.

Ever heard of books you can interact with? Or a Human Library? Yes, such kind of library exists. Human Library is a library of people, which replaces books with human beings. The concept was first started in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2000. To bring up the concept and spread it internationally, ‘city of joy’ bring forth it’s first ever Human Library at Rabindra Tirtha in New Town. The event aimed to turn humans into ‘talking’ books.

Now you can ‘loan’ humans to share stories and engage in conversation. Visitors at Human Library will get to pick a title depending on the availability of the volunteers. The session will be for 25 minutes with their human books. However, in India the first Human library was held at the Indian Institution of Management, Indore in November 2016.

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