‘Ranima’ is ready to celebrate her 20th birthday.

Rani Ma of Zee Bangla’s popular soap opera ‘Rani Rasmani’ is still fresh in the minds of the audience. From small screen to big screen, the audience is impressed by her impeccable performance. She stepped into the industry quite young and featured in TV shows ‘Durga’, ‘Aparajito’ besides doing a few movies. But the period drama ‘Rani Rashmoni’ became a turning point in her career, helping her gain immense popularity and fame.


The 10th of August is her birthday. According to Ditipriya’s parents, her birthday will be celebrated on August 11. But will there be some special gifts on her birthday? On her birthday, the mother of the actress will cook and feed her with her own hands. She doesn’t like Hilsha fish, but she is madly in love with shrimp. ‘Kheer’ is a must at a Bangali birthday celebration. She doesn’t want to dress herself up in a pink dress like ‘Barbie’ on her birthday. She said that she likes western clothes. Even after growing up so much, home celebrations are the most special to her. But it is not known what gift she is going to get from her special friend. But yes, she is still thinking about partying with her friends. Friends, former co-stars, and fans have sent out warm wishes to her. Ditipriya’s social media handle is flooded with wishes.

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