Rahul Banerjee And Shreya Bhattacharyya Are Pairing Up For The First Time In Mainak Paul's Upcoming Film

Director Mainak Paul is bringing a new movie to the big screen titled 'Ajaante'. The film stars Rahul Banerjee and Shreya Bhattacharyya in lead roles, pairing up for the first time.

Already, the entire film crew has just wrapped up the first half of shooting in the area of Dooars, North Bengal. Director Mainak Paul told the media that this film will explore the philosophical aspects of life while giving a thriller feel to every audience.

Before this, Mainak directed an English film titled "A Better Life" in 2020. He also said that he couldn't contain his excitement about Rahul's performance and the chemistry he shares with Shreya. He says that this movie will undoubtedly bring something fresh and intriguing to the screen, giving viewers a different viewpoint on the story.

In 'Ajaante', Rahul and Shreya will portray the roles of a married couple named Neelatpal and Barta. Apart from Rahul and Shreya, actors like Biswajit Chakraborty and Arun Banerjee will be in this film. 

Actress Shreya always plays new characters in various film genres. But from her recent work in 'Beline', her acting attracted the attention of many audiences. She didn't say anything about 'Ajaante'. But she told the media about her good experience with Rahul at work.

The second schedule of the film will be in Kolkata. With the ongoing discussions, the final schedule will start next month, after the elections. 

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