‘Pupa’ - A path breaking film dealing with a very sensitive and controversial subject

‘Pupa’ as unique the name of the movie is, the plot is quite different from the regular feature films we see. It released on 1st June, 2018. Directed by Indrasis Acharya, the fim is starring Kamelswar Mukherjee(Director), Sudipta Chakrabarty, Rahul Banerjee (Subhro) and Debaprasad Halder in lead roles.

The movie is based on the theme of ‘Euthanasia’. For those who don’t know what EUTHANASIA is; it is the practice of intentionally ending one’s life to relieve pain and suffering.

The movie is about an immigrant Bengali (Subhro) living in the US who comes to India to attend his mother’s funeral. When he was about to leave, his father suffers a cerebral attack. In this situation, Subhro faces a dilemma of whether to stay back and care for his ailing father or leave and go back to his regular life in the US. 

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