Prosenjit-Rituparna Duo Stepping Into 50th Film Milestone, Know In Details

One of the most beloved pairs in the Tollywood industry is Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta. Their on-screen chemistry, once the talk of the town, continues to enchant audiences even today. Although they haven't teamed up consecutively, the duo is now set to grace the screen together in their landmark 50th film.

Last Wednesday, Surinder Films released the poster and logo for their upcoming venture, ‘Ajagya’, helmed by director Kaushik Ganguly. The poster cleverly features an 'A' over the word ' Ajagya,' leaving a subtle hint of fingers trying to erase the letter, sparking intrigue about the film's narrative.


The iconic Prosenjit-Rituparna pairing remains timeless, with their previous collaborations still etched in the hearts of viewers. Even though not in a string of consecutive films, their chemistry persists, marking this film as their 50th joint venture.

Director Kaushik Ganguly expressed that 'Ajagya' is anticipated to be extraordinary, originating from the same creative vision as their previous works. The film holds special significance as it marks Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta's 50th collaboration in Bengali cinema.

In an interview, Prosenjit shared that achieving the 50th film milestone required enduring challenges, a testament to their dedication. He emphasized the collaborative journey with director Kaushik Ganguly, having previously worked on seven projects together.

On the day of the logo unveiling, the entire team, along with several industry stars, gathered to celebrate. The director mentioned that Prosenjit has already delivered over 150 films. 'Ajagya' holds a special place as it symbolizes Prosenjit-Rituparna's 50th cinematic gift to their audience.

Director Kaushik Ganguly teased that 'Ajagya' would be distinct, stemming from the perspectives explored in their previous film, 'Dristikone.' Producer Nispal Singh mentioned that the film would narrate a compelling love story, leaving much to be revealed upon its release.

It's noteworthy that 'Ajagya' was shot in Puri, and Kaushik Ganguly hinted that the film might deviate from conventional narratives, making it unique. Rituparna Sengupta reflected on the changes over time, emphasizing the mental and emotional evolution experienced in their journey.

While opinions on the film's storyline remain guarded, the audience is urged to patiently await the unfolding of the narrative, characters, and release date. As the 14-year gap between their ventures 'Praktan' and 'Dristikone' resulted in back-to-back hits, the Prosenjit-Rituparna duo aims to continue their legacy with 'Ajagya.'

In conclusion, the 50th film of this iconic pair promises not only a milestone celebration but also a captivating tale for cinephiles to cherish. The countdown begins for the unveiling of  'Ajagya,' where the magic of Prosenjit and Rituparna awaits to enthrall audiences once again.

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