Private Tuition By Government School Teachers To Be Restricted, Kolkata High Court Says

The Kolkata High Court has directed the authorities concerned to take the necessary steps within the next eight weeks to curb private tuition by government school teachers. Chief Justice T. S. Sivagnanam, in the Division Bench, has instructed the School Education Department to take a necessary step in this regard by involving the Secondary Education Council and District School Inspectors.

But it can be seen that allegations regarding government school teachers engaging in private tuition had surfaced previously as well. In 2021, Dipankar Das, the General Secretary of the Home Education Welfare Committee, filed a case in the High Court. The committee was informed that the Secondary Education Council was ordered by the court to take action to stop tuition within three months of the case hearing in May 2023.

However, the committee's claims that teachers in several schools continue to offer private tuition after several warnings from the council and various school principals. Following the complaints, the committee once again last year in December approached the court.

Dipankar also informed everyone that this time, the School Education Department has been instructed to form a committee involving council officials and all district-level school inspectors. It is said that this committee will prepare a report on whether principals are involved in encouraging private tuition and how to effectively halt such practices. The report is to be submitted to the High Court within eight weeks.

On the other hand, lawyer Akramul Bari said that government school teachers are continuing private tuition with impunity, citing a lack of effective measures to stop it.

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