Pre-Book The Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift For Just 11,000 Rupees

India's premier automobile manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki, continues to captivate car enthusiasts not only with its sales figures but also with its latest offerings. The company is gearing up to introduce a new car model in the country, the Swift Facelift, the fourth generation of the renowned Swift series.

Pre-bookings for the Swift Facelift have already begun, with an initial payment of just 11,000 rupees. Upon payment, customers will receive a token, ensuring them a brand-new model of the car upon its launch.

The Swift Facelift boasts a sporty design, designed to appeal to a wide range of consumers. This hatchback comfortably seats 4-5 passengers and comes equipped with premium features, including automatic air conditioning, speakers for entertainment, a touchscreen interface, and wireless charging capabilities.

However, Suzuki has already launched this car in Japan. Although an official launch date has not been announced, bookings are open, hinting at a possible launch within the first two weeks of the upcoming month.

The car is expected to feature an engine with reduced emissions, emphasising environmental friendliness. This, coupled with its innovative design and features, positions the Swift Facelift to be a favourite among young buyers. It may also set a new benchmark in the premium hatchback segment.

Maruti Suzuki has labelled the new Swift as the "Joy of Mobility," indicating its commitment to providing customers with an enjoyable driving experience.

As for the pricing, while exact figures haven't been disclosed, given the premium design and features, the car is expected to be priced slightly higher than its predecessors. However, it is assured to be under 1 million rupees, making it an attractive option in its segment.

If you're interested in pre-booking the Swift Facelift, visit Maruti Suzuki's official website or head to the nearest ARENA showroom. However, please note that the car won't be available at Nexa showrooms. For further information, visit the official website of Maruti Suzuki.

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