Popular Bengali Actor Ranjit Mallick Shared His Memories Of Durga Puja In His House

From Janmashtami onwards, the Mallick family in Bhawanipur has been keeping up the age-old tradition of making ma durga, and it continues to this day. Ranjit Mallick, the head of the family, fondly recalls, “During Pujo, it always felt like we were in heaven. New clothes were a source of excitement, but the real joy was in the cultural events we organized at home. The children gathered around, singing songs and participating in various rituals.”

Koel Mallick, who grew up in the Bhawanipur home until the age of 8, shares the same sentiment. Ranjit Mallick said to the media agency, “Koel experienced the same magic of Pujo that I did during my childhood. Seeing the children so happy during Pujo was the most delightful part. Pujo was a time when they seemed like little birds, carefree and joyous. It wasn’t about new clothes or studying; it was about pure happiness.”


Now, what are the plans for this year’s Pujo? On this question, Ranjit Mallick explains, “Just like every year, we will return to our ancestral home in Bhawanipur. We will celebrate Pujo together with all the rituals and traditions. I cherish being a part of Pujo’s customs. Koel, too, is deeply connected to Pujo, and she joins in wholeheartedly. Even our youngest, Kabir, now takes part in the Pujo preparations. However, as I’ve grown older, I sometimes miss the old times when the elders used to take the lead in pujo preparations. We only celebrated with pure joy. Nowadays, things are different; some of those beloved faces are no longer with us. When Pujo comes, it brings back memories, and it can be bittersweet.”

For a few days during Pujo, Ranjit Mallick and his family gather at the Mallick residence in Bhawanipur, adorned in traditional attire like dhuti and panjabi. During Pujo, the Mallick house becomes a magnet for their devoted fans. This year will be no exception, as they eagerly welcome their fans to share the Pujo festivities at their ancestral home.

In conclusion, the Mallick family’s dedication to preserving their cultural traditions and celebrating Pujo with the same enthusiasm year after year is a heartwarming testament to the significance of this festival in their lives. As they gear up for another pujo, they continue to create cherished memories and connect with their roots in Bhawanipur.

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