Piya Chakraborty And Parambrata Chatterjee: Piya Chakraborty Shared Sweet Moments Of Marriage On Social Media

Piya Chakraborty and Parambrata Chatterjee shared glimpses of their six-month wedding journey on social media on Monday. The couple had their registry marriage on December 27 last year and marked six months of marital bliss by posting some lovable photos with sweet captions.

The shared photos show the happy times they shared on their marriage day. By tagging her husband in the caption, Piya wrote, "Just like that, from six months back 🫶🏻🥂."

Piya was married to singer Anupam Roy for six years before she married Parambrata. The couple divorced in 2021. On the other hand, Parambrata was romantically attached to a foreigner. But later, they broke up.

The path to marriage for Param and Piya was full of criticism, particularly considering Piya's earlier marriage to Anupam. However, their relationship has stood over the course of a period of time, moving from friendship to love and ending in a beautiful marriage attended by 25 to 30 close friends and family members.

Their wedding day was followed by a reception, where the couple exchanged rings. Piya took those moments to social media on Monday to share their six-month wedding anniversary, garnering warm wishes and blessings from fans and well-wishers.

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