Passport NOT an Address Proof Anymore

We all were using our passport as the prime address proof till date but things are changing every now and then. Very shortly passport will no longer remain as an address proof for any sorts of official work. The foreign minister announced that the last page of the passport will no longer be printed. That is the page which in fact includes father’s name/ legal guardian’s name, mother’s name address.

The report of a three-member committee of the foreign ministry and the Women and Child Development ministry that scrutinized calls for doing away with the father's name in the passport was followed by the decision. The report was duly acknowledged and it is decided that the last page of the passport will remain blank from the new printed versions. But the information will remain stockpiled with the passport department so that no other legal issues crop up.

"As the last page of the passport would not be printed now, the passport holders with ECR (Emigration Check Required) status would be issued a passport with orange passport jacket and those with non-ECR status would continue to get a blue passport," said the spokesperson.

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