India's Parul Sets National Record, Qualifies For Olympics

India's Parul Chaudhary finished in 11th place in the final of the 3000m steeplechase on Sunday, August 27 in Budapest, Hungary. Parul finished her race with a national record-breaking run of 9:15:31 to attain qualification for the Paris Olympics, set to be held in 2024. Her commendable effort saw her set a new national record and qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics.


Parul took 9:24:29 seconds to reach the final. That means she took another 10 seconds less time in the final. On the final day, up to 200 metres, Parul led the steeplechase, but then her pace slowed. Up to the 2900m split, the Indian athlete was in 13th position, but she rose to 11th position in the last 100m.

Parul’s coach, Scott Simmons, said, "She (Parul) has shown consistent progress in the last two years. High-altitude training in Colorado has improved her aerobic strength." 

Parul was born in a village called Lalita Babar. She was the daughter of a very low-class family. She could run very well at a very young age. But coming from a remote village to the world of track and field is a very difficult thing to catch everyone's attention. But 28-year-old athlete Parul did it. She was India's only competitor in the steeplechase at the World Athletics. Before Parul, Lalita Babar—also a 3000-metre steeplechaser—held the record.

Even if Parul didn't win a medal in world athletics, the Olympics are coming up. Parul said that she wants to start the preparation as soon as possible. She wants to succeed in the Olympics and, currently, will move forward with that goal. Parul from Meerut is the dream of many Indian girls who don't get a chance to express their talents. She became an example and wants them to come forward too.

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