Paneer vs Tofu: How are these different?

If you were asked to make a choice between tofu and paneer, I am sure you would like to know the differences between them. It is possible for you to add tofu or paneer in your daily diet in multifarious ways. However, which one is healthier? As both of these look deceptively similar, all of us should have a clear understanding in this regard. Let us check out the key differences:

1. Paneer and tofu hardly taste the same.

2. Tofu is, in fact, a soy product whereas paneer is purely a milk product.

3. It is possible to sell tofu after processing, but paneer has to be sold fresh.

4. Paneer is of Indian origin and tofu originated in China,

5. Tofu is actually a plant protein but paneer is absolutely an animal protein.

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