'Pachatgarh' a heritage site

'Pachatgarh' in 'Patashpur' is a historic place which will take you to your roots. This place will help the travelers to explore the ancient Bengali culture. The word 'pachat' has come from 'Pancha-east’. The testimony of which will be found at Pancheshwar's Shiv Mandir. The historical evidence is not preserved properly due to lack of maintenance. But this historic architecture has been declared a heritage by the state government. Recently, the State Heritage Board has given this order.

The local residents were demanding this for a long time. Now everyone is hoping for a better tomorrow because of the State Government's initiative. The president of Patashpur 2 Panchayat Samity Chandan Sahu said, Panchatgarh has been declared a heritage by the State Government but they have not talked about the architectural work.

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