Orange Metro Line Connecting New Garia To Ruby Will Commence Operations Soon, Know The Fare List

Exciting news for commuters in Kolkata! A new metro line connecting Garia to Ruby is set to begin operations next month. This project, spearheaded by the metro authorities, is expected to debut amid much anticipation.

The new Garia to Ruby route will feature a total of five stations, namely Kavi Subhash, Satyajit Ray, Jyotirindra Nandi, Kavi Sukanta, and Hemanta Mukhopadhyay, also known as Ruby. Additionally, the New Garia or Kavi Subhash metro station has been transformed into a 'junction' station and has undergone modernization to enhance passenger experience.

But what about the fare for this metro route? The minimum fare for this route will be just 5 rupees, while commuters travelling from New Garia to Ruby will only incur a cost of 20 rupees.

However, for those wishing to travel further south from Ruby, towards Dakshineswar, using the same token, the fare will be slightly higher, at 45 rupees. Consequently, passengers from Ruby will have to alight at Kavi Subhash station and then switch to the metro heading towards Dakshineswar.

On the other hand, passengers boarding from Ruby and intending to travel up to Tollygunge will be charged a fare of 35 rupees. Moreover, for those desiring to travel directly from Ruby to Esplanade, Chandni Chowk, Kalighat, or any stations along the route, the fare will be 40 rupees.

Metro passengers can seamlessly travel on the Orange Line using Blue Line tokens, offering a convenient and efficient transportation option.

Moreover, the recent safety inspection conducted by the Railway Commissioner on the New Garia to Ruby metro route has resulted in the issuance of the necessary operational clearances. This paves the way for the commencement of passenger services on this route.

The total length of the New Garia to Dakshineswar route spans 31 kilometres, commonly known as the Blue Line. Conversely, the distance from New Garia to the Ruby junction is approximately 5.4 kilometers. Once the Orange Line becomes operational, either Kavi Subhash or New Garia will serve as Kolkata Metro's first junction station.

With the launch of this new metro line, commuters can look forward to enhanced convenience and improved accessibility, catering to the needs of daily travellers.

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