Operation Ajay: First Flight Rescues Stranded Indians from Israel Amid Ongoing Conflict

In a remarkable humanitarian effort, the inaugural flight of 'Operation Ajay' touched down in New Delhi today, carrying 212 Indian nationals who had been left stranded in Israel due to the relentless conflict in the region. The Indian government, displaying unwavering commitment to its citizens, is shouldering the expenses for their return.

The selection of passengers for this flight followed a 'first come, first served' basis, with the Indian embassy launching a comprehensive drive urging all Indian nationals to register on the mission's database.


Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar was at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in the national capital to extend a warm welcome to the rescued individuals.

This mission became a necessity as Air India had suspended its flights immediately when hostilities erupted on October 7, with its commercial operations remaining grounded to this day. The stranded citizens, particularly students, found solace in the proactive efforts of the Indian embassy.

Shubham Kumar, one such student in Israel, expressed his gratitude, stating, "We felt like the embassy of India was connected with us, which was a kind of relief to us. And then we got all the arrangements."

However, it is important to note that a considerable number of Indians, including students, are still awaiting their turn at Tel Aviv airport, eagerly anticipating their return through the special flights operated under 'Operation Ajay.'

The ongoing crisis in Israel stems from an unprecedented offensive against the Hamas group in the Gaza Strip. This conflict escalated after Hamas fighters breached the border fence and infiltrated Israel's south by air, land, and sea on October 7. Israel has deployed a substantial military presence outside Gaza, hinting at a potential ground offensive in its pursuit to neutralise the militant group responsible for the loss of numerous lives.

The casualties on both sides of the conflict are deeply concerning. In the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, authorities report a staggering death toll of at least 1,417 people, including women and children. As the situation unfolds, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has appealed for international humanitarian assistance for Gaza and urged Gazans to remain steadfast on their land. The international community continues to monitor this evolving crisis closely.

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