Old charm in new bottle: Konark Collectable

This city has seen times when women and men graced ballrooms with waltzes. When money never shouted or screamed, instead it speaks in hushed muted tones. While it’s impossible to go back in time, one can secure a masterpiece from the past at Konark Collectables. Not to mention, vintage is an in-thing for us now, be it for home or fashion. We are sure that your search for everything antique ends here, from period furniture to exquisite old chandeliers, this Collectible shop is about everything vintage. One look at this store and you will get to know that the actual pieces are from different eras. Even ace director Sandip Ray visited this place for his movies.

‘Konark Collectables’ is located on Esplanade and it’s among the oldest collectible store in that area and also in Kolkata. Conversing with Jiyo Bangla, the store manager Mr. Anil gave us insight into this store.


Konark Collectibles is one of the oldest stores of Kolkata. Well, how old is it?

  • Konark Collectibles started in the 1980s. This place is definitely the only collectibles store in Kolkata.


Who started this beautiful store?

  • The store was started by Vikram Bachhawat, while he was in college. Not to mention, Vikram was fond of collecting collectibles. His passion turned into a hobby and dream-turned into reality. Over the years this shop has increased.


Does Mr. Bachhawat still visit this shop?

  • Yes… Obviously. Mr. Bachhawat does. Well, these days he is busy with Aakriti Art Gallery founded in 2005.


What sort of items does this store hold?

  • Look around, you can find anything and everything at this store. This one has mainly collectibles, photographs, paintings, porcelain, glassware, bronze, marble, alabaster, antimony, metal signage, old perfumes bottle, cameras, old Chinese urns, ceramics and lots more. You name it we have it.


Where this store gets their items from.

  • We, most items are sourced from Zamindar homes, Anglo-Indian homes and Bengali families.


How many items and collectibles can be found here, approximately?

  • Approximately? I guess more than 10,000. Just look around, we need more space to keep these items, you know. The moment you enter this shop from the daily hustle-bustle of Esplanade, you will get that Old Calcutta charm.


Who are the primary clients these days?

  • The citizens are fond of old items for sure! The younger generation is keen on these items. There is a particular customer who’s from Dehradun, whenever he will visit Kolkata, he drops by at Konark Collectables. Even a young gentleman a few months back visited this place, we thought he won’t buy any items. But, shunning all our thought that lad bought items more than Rs. 5,000. I must say the new breed of collectors who understand the legacy of this shop will understand its importance.


Location: Humayun Court Building, 20, Nellie Sen Gupta Sarani, New Market Area, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700087

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