Office Politics: How to deal with it

Are you tired of dealing with sly co-workers always strategizing to gain unfair personal advantages over you at your workplace? Most often than not, office politics affect the working environment adversely. But ours is not a utopian society and one must accept the harsh reality of the existence of politics in most organisations.

We have therefore come up with a few tips which might be helpful to both the management and staff to navigate through the minefield of politics in office:In order to stay unaffected by the toxic work culture of office politics, it’s best that you keep peace with your colleagues. Exchange smiles with everyone and be as pleasant as you possibly can. Maintain professionalism. Praise others and encourage teamwork. Try and create a better work environment for everyone.

Be careful and steer clear of all sorts of office gossip. You hardly need to choose sides as you go to office only for working. If you choose sides based on gossip, it is possible that you might end up getting stuck between the power figures in the organisation. Therefore it is best that you get along with everyone while keeping your focus on work. Complete your tasks and leave office immediately thereafter. This will also help you to maintain a better work-life balance.

There is hardly any need for small talk in office. Always remember the more you talk, more are the chances that you say something which might come back to haunt you later. Avoid taking part in interpersonal arguments in the office. Try and listen more as it will help in the long run if you are a good listener.

Don’t stress yourself. If something is bothering you, never hesitate to share it with your immediate boss. It is natural for any human being to feel angry at times. There will be times when you feel like telling off your colleagues or teaching him/her a lesson. It’s in your best interest to resist such urges. Temper displays inside the office or with colleagues might hamper your career advancement chances during your next appraisal. Smile more and help others.

It is advisable to be a straight arrow. Though this might not always be a politically correct strategy, at times it is good for you to be outspoken and straight forward. Stick to your commitments and don’t miss deadlines.

If you have tried all the above mentioned tips and still find your office environment too politicized for your liking, the best solution is to think of entrepreneurship now that the Government is also encouraging entrepreneurship.

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