Nissan Unveils Hyper Punk Concept Car At Tokyo Motor Show, Know In Details

Nissan has revealed the preview model of its next-generation 'Hyper Punk' concept SUV at the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show. This new crossover exhibits a futuristic design direction, emphasising the electrification of automobiles. Consequently, the car has been uniquely designed.

It's reported that Nissan has referred to this Hyper Punk vehicle as a "skilled and stylish" car, aiming to entice customers by combining style-centric visual and physical features.

Prepared for the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan's 'Hyper' concept takes the fourth spot among the company's five new models. This car merges an attractive origami-inspired design with a hyper-adventure SUV, hyper-urban crossover, and hyper-tourer MPV, incorporating car-to-grid charging technology. Additionally, the car is enhanced with AI-driven mood-sensing technology, synchronizing light and music seamlessly.

However, Nissan has not yet confirmed whether the 'Hyper' concept will be brought to the market as a production model directly. The company has assured that it will launch 19 new electric cars by 2030. Moreover, the path is paved for the successors of the Serena, Qashqai, X-Trail, and Juke EVs.

Banerjee Nissan

Nissan had showcased the Juke previously to gauge the interest of Indian customers. However, it remains uncertain when this intriguing SUV will make its way to India.

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