Newlyweds Kanchan And Sreemoyee Shine With Different Looks At Their Lavish Reception!

Tollywood stars Kanchan Mullick and Sreemoyee Chattoraj tied the knot on the serene 2nd of March. Amidst an opulent ceremony orchestrated by the divine, the couple exchanged vows, sealing their long-standing affection.

The festivities reached a crescendo on the 6th of March as Park Street's lavish banquet hall transformed into a haven of elegance, hosting the couple's grand reception. Amidst the jubilant ambiance, the presence of family and friends added an extra layer of joy to the occasion, graced by several celebrities.

However, what stole the spotlight wasn't just the radiant bride but also the meticulous attention to detail in their attire. Mrs. Mullick herself, in a gesture of love and creativity, designed her husband's attire for the evening. Additionally, Sreemoyee opted for a stunning lehenga, eschewing the traditional saree, and exuded grace in her new avatar.

Surprisingly, amidst the glitz and glamour, Sreemoyee refrained from adorning herself with gold jewellery, a deviation from the usual. Upon inquiry, she revealed that since their wedding day, she had adorned herself with symbolic golden hues, a testament to her new role as a wife.

Furthermore, it's been reported that even Kanchan's attire didn't escape Sreemoyee's discerning eye, adding an extra layer of finesse to his ensemble.

On the culinary front, the newlyweds left no stone unturned, treating their guests to a delectable spread featuring a fusion of Bengali delicacies alongside Mughlai cuisine. Adding to the grandeur, platinum and diamond trinkets were reportedly exchanged as tokens of love between the couple.

With their romance blossoming, this Valentine's Day marked their registry, followed by an intimate gathering on the 2nd of March to solemnize their union. Now, amidst the grandeur of their reception, Kanchan and Sreemoyee continue to captivate hearts, setting new standards of elegance and love in the world of Tollywood.

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