New Twist In Bengali Mega Serial As Trina Saha Takes Over Lead Role From Moumita Sarkar!

In the fiercely competitive world of Bengali television dramas, the battle for viewership continues to intensify, with each channel striving to capture the audience's hearts through unique storylines. This weekly showdown is reflected in the ratings charts, where the top positions are constantly contested by a multitude of Bengali channels.

Meanwhile, the TRP charts witness regular shifts, showcasing the dynamic nature of the industry. Several new mega-series have recently debuted, while others are bidding farewell after a brief stint. Amidst this, a buzz is building around the latest sensation, 'Love Biye Aaj Kal,' which premiered on Star Jalsha last August.


The narrative, featuring the dynamic duo of Om Sahani and newcomer Moumita Sarkar, gained attention not just for its storyline but also for the unexpected trolling faced by Moumita on social media shortly after the series began. Speculations arose regarding her commitment to acting, prompting rumours of a potential replacement.

In a surprising turn of events, it's now confirmed that Trina Saha will take on the role of 'Shrabon' in 'Love Biye Aaj Kal,' stepping into Moumita's shoes. Industry insiders suggest that Trina's entry brings a fresh perspective to the character, adding a layer of intrigue to the ongoing drama.

Adding to the drama is Moumita's reported health concerns, prompting her to take a brief hiatus from the limelight. Although details are scarce, her temporary withdrawal has fueled speculation and stirred discussions among fans and industry circles.

While Trina's portrayal of Shrabon will undoubtedly bring a new flavour to the series, questions linger about potential twists in the storyline. Will Trina's rendition of the character introduce unexpected plot developments? Only time will unveil the mysteries hidden within the narrative.

Switching gears, popular face Om Sahani, despite being more accustomed to the big screen, makes a comeback to the small screen after a significant hiatus. His return to the mega-serial scene with 'Love Biye Aaj Kal' hints at the serial's potential to captivate audiences with its gripping storyline.

On the other end of the spectrum, Trina Saha, known for her modelling and advertising ventures, is no stranger to the entertainment world. After a successful stint in 'Khorkuto' and 'Balijhor,' she seems poised for a triumphant return to the small screen.

As the Bengali television drama landscape continues to evolve, 'Love Biye Aaj Kal' stands at the crossroads of change. With new leads and unforeseen twists, the serial promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to unravel the mysteries that lie ahead.

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