New in Town

Tea is a delight for people all over the world. The aroma and the taste of tea might be different, with superior brands of tea, but a mere cup of tea is enough to please anyone. If you’re a tea connoisseur in Kolkata, and have the firm belief that no place lives up to your expectations, you are wrong. This small shop in the form of a treasure trove is hidden in the shopping complex Dakhinapan, Dhakuria, which is going to make a mark in the hearts of tea connoisseurs.

Tasty, has a great and varied range of all teas that includes the original Darjeeling Tea, Lopchu, Goodrich, the very special Makaibari and many others. You are actually given samples so that you can make a concrete choice amongst so many.

Not only tea, Tasty has a huge collection of mouth fresheners, which we are in dire need of, after a hearty meal. You are given samples of the dried pan, flavoured Saunf and a huge array of suparis.


The store also specialises in our very favourite jaljeera and aam panna. These are actually delicious, and you can have this after a tiring shopping trip or a stressed hangout. Either way, you will become a fan of this store.

Since the store is tucked away in the complex, it might be a little difficult to find it in the beginning. Roam around a bit and find the place before the actual Kolkata crowd gets in there.

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