New Era Dawns in Bardhaman! 'Amrit Bharat Project' Revamp Transformation At Bardhaman Railway Station

Bardhaman station is embracing a new era! The first phase of transformation under the 'Amrit Bharat Project' scheme has been successfully completed, bringing a touch of cleanliness and modernity to the railway station. Not only has the infrastructure of the station been enhanced, but the overall passenger experience has also been enriched, solidifying its status as a vital transportation hub in West Bengal.

It's been reported that a whopping investment of INR 176.1 crore has been made for the completion of this project, and it has proven successful. 24% of the funding until December 2023 and 45% of the construction work has been completed. This remarkable progress has significantly upgraded the station's infrastructure, including the construction of new station buildings, platform renovations, and the enhancement of passenger facilities.


The re-development of Bardhaman Railway Station marks a new chapter in West Bengal's railway infrastructure. In this phase, a brand-new station building, extensive platform reconstruction, and improvements to passenger amenities such as waiting halls, ticket counters, and restroom facilities have been undertaken. Additionally, modernization of platform and adjacent area lighting, provision of high-quality technical equipment, installation of attractive street lighting, and implementation of well-directed signage have substantially improved passenger comfort and convenience.

Furthermore, to facilitate passenger movement, a new 12-metre-wide overbridge has been constructed. All eyes are now on how this transformational phase aligns with the 'Amrit Bharat Project', which emphasises greater integration with modern amenities and long-term environmental sustainability. The completion of the first phase signifies progress in infrastructure development and reaffirms our commitment to providing world-class facilities to citizens, enriching their quality of life, and contributing to national prosperity.

Regarding this, the Chief Public Relations Officer of Eastern Railway, Kaushik Mitra, conveyed through the media that the successful completion of the first phase of Bardhaman Railway Station's redevelopment serves as a shining example in the realm of infrastructure and service provision for passengers. He further assured that future phases aim to further enhance the station's facilities and services, underscoring their steadfast commitment to continuous improvement.

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