Kaushik Ganguly And Rupa Ganguly To Pair Up For 'Laksmikantapur Local', Who Will Direct The Film?

Director Kaushik Ganguly and actress Rupa Ganguly are going to work together on a new movie. There is a lot of excitement in Tollywood circles about this partnership because it is expected to introduce a new story, "Laksmikantapur Local."

The film is poised to narrate a slice-of-life story, capturing the essence of everyday existence. Who is going to direct this film? According to reports, the film is expected to be directed by director Ram Kamal Mukherjee, who will be making his next Bengali movie after "Noti Binodini."

The script has already been finalised by Subhro Chakraborty, who previously worked with Mukherjee on 'Noti Binodini'. Also, preparations have already begun. Mukherjee will be coming back from Mumbai soon enough, which will mark the beginning of the film's shooting schedule in July. The story offers to explore the challenges of city life in contrast to Laksmikantapur's rustic appeal.

In keeping with the equality theme, the title of the movie suggests a fair story that will be interesting to a wide range of audiences. Additionally, actress Sangeeta Singh, who acquired recognition for her performance in Mukherjee's "Rickshawala," will take on the responsibility of production for the film.

It is known that the name of this film has been kept in harmony with the story. Besides, music has a special importance in this film. This movie will be shot in different parts of Kolkata.

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