NCERT Revamps Class 12 Political Science Textbooks, Adds Article 370 And More

In a significant overhaul of the Class 12 Political Science syllabus, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has introduced several changes aimed at aligning the content with contemporary political dynamics.

One notable alteration pertains to the portrayal of India-China relations in the textbook Contemporary World Politics. The previous mention of "military conflict over a border dispute" has been revised to highlight "Chinese aggression on the Indian border," reflecting the evolving geopolitical context.

The rationale provided by the NCERT emphasizes the need to update language in line with current events. 

Similarly, in the textbook Politics in India since Independence, references to "Azad Pakistan" have been substituted with "Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK)." This modification is justified as it reflects the latest stance of the Indian government regarding the disputed territory.

Moreover, the NCERT has omitted references to the Khalistan movement, emphasising a focus on federalism rather than secessionist tendencies. This move underscores a shift in narrative, prioritising national unity and cohesion.

Furthermore, the updated textbooks now incorporate information about the abrogation of Article 370, highlighting the constitutional amendment's significance in Jammu and Kashmir's governance framework.

In a departure from the previous edition, a cartoon questioning the survival of India's democracy has been replaced with a box-item activity, reflecting a more optimistic outlook on the nation's democratic resilience.

These revisions underscore NCERT's commitment to providing students with accurate, relevant, and contextually appropriate educational material, reflecting the evolving socio-political landscape of India and its relations with neighbouring countries.

These alterations reflect NCERT's commitment to providing students with updated and insightful educational material aligned with contemporary political realities and historical developments.

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