Multifaceted Rice in the house

Indian is known for finding solutions to every problem and make the best out of the things available. There are many things that can be used to do things that no one has ever imagined, today we are going to tell you about one such item which is rice.

Rice is a staple food in many Asian countries, it is known to all and we have said it enough time but today let’s discuss something different. There are many unusual uses of rice, let us look at some of the uses:

1. One of the most common and known practice is soaking your wet phone. By any chance, if your phone ever fell into the water then, put it in a zip-lock pouch containing rice for 24 hours. For better results remove the battery and SIM card.

2. Rice can be used as a heating pad, to get relief from pain, sprain, and cramps. Fill a sock with rice, then microwave it for 30 seconds; and voila you have your instant heating pad.

3. For preventing rusting of hand tools. Fill a can with rice and stick the tools in them like knives are kept in stands. P.S. this can be also used as a temporary measure to store knives.

4. For first-timers. When cooking for the first time we do not understand when the oil is hot enough before frying. Most of us burn ourselves at this stage. Drop a few grains of rice in the oil, if the grains sink then the oil is not done. If the rice pops up immediately that means it is hot enough for frying.

5. Cleaning containers with small outlets. Add about a tablespoon of rice in the container, to that add a few drops of soap and some hot water. Swish it around and then wash it with water.

All these are additional uses of rice apart from being our main course. Once you are done with cleaning and protecting your tools from rusting, have a hot meal of rice, ‘daal’ and ‘aloo post’. For that, you need the best quality rice and you can get it only at

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