Most Haunted Paintings In The World That You Don’t Want To Own, Ever!

Paintings are wonderful works of art. They are often beautiful and mesmerizing, but sometimes can also be disturbing. There can be no doubt that paintings can have a powerful influence over us. We can be moved to tears, reduced to pain or turned into a depressed wreck. Paintings can also be a major source of our inspiration, uplift us and make us experience the whole spectrum of emotion.

But when it comes to haunted objects, nothing tops the eeriness of a haunted depiction. Some have been accused of breaking relationships, burning houses, and even driving their owners crazy. Most of these paintings are either hanging in galleries or locked away from audiences. While paintings certainly have a powerful effect on us, it seems that in some cases they can affect our psyche that goes beyond our perception.

If you’re shaking your head in disbelief, then here are some weird paintings that made their owners’ lives a living hell. Today you will delve into the mysterious, gloomy and the incredibly creepy world of haunted paintings. Please keep in mind that some of these paintings are said to have really spooky effects on people even when viewed online. SO YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

If you’re still with me reading this article? Good! Let’s begin our tour.


#1 The Hands Resist Him: It came to be known as the 'eBay Haunted Painting' right after the owners narrated some paranormal experiences.


#2. The Crying Boy: The artist painted over 60 such works, all of which were said to attract fire.


 #3. The Portrait of Bernado De Galvez: You have to take permission from the painted officer before taking his picture or else it will come out blurry.


 #4. The Anguished Man: It is believed that the artist painted this with his own blood. Later he committed suicide after completing the painting.


 #5. Love Letters' Replica: The story behind the painting is still unknown but it definitely has a macabre air.


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