More than 100 Businessmen awarded by Forbes

In UAE more than 100 Indian entrepreneurs and officials have been awarded for their remarkable success by the Forbes Middle East.

The list was titled as, "Top 100 Indian leaders in the Arab world". Under this category, there were names of the head of the top companies present in the Gulf region.   

Forbes Worlds Billionaires 2018 have reported that the Indian businessmen in the Gulf region earned billions which resulted to their collective net worth being USD 26.4 billion.

These facts show that Indian community is spread on a large scale in the Arab World. Indian entrepreneurs are generating a vast impact on the economy. The Indian ambassador of UAE, Navdeep Singh Suri, emphasized that Indians played the significant part in the UAE countries. He said that “The work Indian leaders are doing in the region displays the finest aspects of India and we are privileged to have these leaders being ambassadors to the UAE and bridging the gap between the two countries''.

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