Monsoon Special 2019: Essentials You Must Carry!

Monsoons in Kolkata are in full swing, which means it’s time to bring out your umbrellas and raincoats. But that’s not enough! Like a knight going to battle, it’s important to arm yourself with the right equipment to combat the rain, especially if you are someone who makes daily commute to work or college. That’s why we've created a list of five monsoon essentials that you need to carry with yourself everyday you head out.



This is something that will come in handy for men as well as women. While travelling to work or enjoying the rain, your clothes might get dirty. So to avoid any embarrassment, always keep a spare outfit in your bag.



It may be raining cats and dogs but you could be sticky and sweating under your raincoats. Or even worse situation, you may get drenched and end up smelling a little unpleasant. To avoid smelling bad, always keep a travel-sized bottle of perfume or body mist in your bag.



Monsoons do come with their own set of problems- changing climate is one of them but the even bigger problem is unavoidable water contamination. Avoid drinking water from anywhere and everywhere during the monsoons. Always better to carry your own water bottle. 

4.Comfortable FOOTWEAR


Ditch your heels during the patchy rainy reason! If it is an absolute necessity to wear heels for any event that you have to go to, then carry a pair of slip ons, floaters or crocs, as they are much more comfortable than heels.



This is probably the most important one. Since you backpack is going to carry almost every other monsoon essentials, it is always better to switch your regular backpack with a waterproof alternative. This will avoid any damage to the important things you might carry in your bag. 

Do not let the monsoon rains stop any of the fun, you wanna have this season. Keep these must-haves from MBazaar and enjoy a fuss free rainy season!


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