Mimi Not Bothered About World Cup Results?

Forgetting her diet principles, Mimi had actually stocked up chips, popcorn and piping hot pakoras, to witness the semifinals of World Cup 2018. She was planning to sit home, cozy up in her couch and get the real vibe of it. But unfortunately, her favourite team is now out of the competition.

Mimi has lost all her interest in the World cup now. She reacted to her team’s defeat saying, "I was first supporting Argentina and then cheered for Brazil. After Friday, I’ve lost all interest in the World Cup and don’t feel like watching the matches anymore.’

Mimi is supposedly a football freak and has taken a break from her hectic schedule for the World Cup. Even though she isn’t supporting anyone in this World Cup anymore, she will definitely be watching on to see who lifts the trophy.

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