Meet the real life student 'Pad Man' of Kolkata

He is just 21 and an M.Sc student of Ashutosh College. Meet Sobhan Mukherjee who lives in Kolkata but he is not just any ordinary student. As the famous saying goes - One doesn’t have to wear a cape to be identified as Superman and Sobhan is one of them. This 21 years old kid is a saviour in disguise. He has been silently installing Bandhan Sanitary napkin boxes in the Public toilets of Golpark, Bansdroni and Naktala area.

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The agenda of Kolkata’s ‘Padman’ is simple; women who are travelling every day or on an emergency don’t have to look for the nearest chemist shop to buy sanitary napkins, they can collect these essentials from nearby public toilets. He wears no fancy costumes, but has an uncommon ability, which is common sense. Sobhan believes - first the aid, then the purchase.

When asked, why he started to make sanitary napkins Sobhan narrated, “One of my classmates got her periods and she wasn’t carrying sanitary pads. Hence, she needed to go to the nearest chemist shop, and I found that incident very disturbing.” With this came the idea of installing boxes, under the name of Bandhan to install the napkins in public washrooms. First he made sanitary napkins for transgenders and since then there has been no looking back.  Sobham feels that the taboo surrounding menstruation must end.

Bandhan box is a carton designed to stock sanitary napkins in public washrooms.

However, the harsh truth is that not many girls know about the existence of such boxes. Sobhan is doing everything in his power to make the Bandhan box popular, starting from making videos to creating posters, he is not leaving any stone unturned. His mother helps him to pack the sanitary napkins and she believes that her son is fighting for a noble cause.


Cost of Napkin-

Earlier these pads were available free of cost. But now he is charging Rs 2 for each sanitary pad. The money which is collected will be used to supply sanitary pads to women of remote areas.

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