Malda's Maa Bulbulchandi's Magestic Immersion After 21 Days From Kalipuja

In a vibrant celebration of Kali Puja in Malda's Habibpur, devotees witnessed a unique culmination as the goddess Maa Bulbulchandi bid adieu after an elaborate 21-day sojourn. Commencing with Diwali, the festivities unfolded in the midst of fervent prayers and culminated on December 4th with the ceremonial immersion of the 42-foot idol in the bustling Bulbulchandi Bazaar.

Unlike other Kali Puja celebrations, Maa Bulbulchandi's presence lingered in the temple throughout the 21 days, drawing a daily crowd of devoted worshippers. The culmination on the 22nd day unfolded with the pristine immersion of the idol in Malda's Habibpur, a spectacle that attracted throngs of devotees and onlookers alike.


Throughout the 21 days, the temple became a focal point for devotees, offering a unique blend of religious fervor and cultural festivities. Beyond the spiritual aura, the colossal 42-foot idol of Kali became an architectural marvel, captivating the attention of visitors from far and wide.

Noteworthy is the traditional immersion ritual where devotees, without any mechanical aid, carry the idol to a water reservoir located a kilometer away from the temple. This symbolic act symbolizes the goddess's departure, reminiscent of the grandeur witnessed during the Jagannath Rath Yatra.

Puja Committee President Prashant Kumar Roy highlighted the distinctive nature of their celebrations, stating that the puja, the fair, and the idol immersion were orchestrated in a manner unlike any other. This year's extended presence of the idol for 22 days within the temple premises added a unique dimension to the festivities, making it a remarkable event for both locals and visitors.

As the echoes of the immersion ceremony resonate, Maa Bulbulchandi's divine energy continues to linger, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who participated in this extraordinary celebration of faith and cultural richness.

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